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The aim of the classes is to assist children in the following key developmental areas:

  • To experience a variety of moving, mimicking and music-making opportunities,
  • To develop listening and memory skills,
  • To use singing to enhance understanding of musical rhythm, pulse and timbre – with special emphasis on the concepts of high and low, fast and slow, loud and soft,
  • To encourage confidence in their own voices,
  • To encourage cooperation with others - skills of taking turns, sharing and listening are especially important,
  • To have fun!

It is now recognised in the National Curriculum how important it is that children develop an understanding of rhyme and rhythm of language at an early stage in their development. What better way to become familiar with this than by singing?

Classes have a simple structure and this also becomes an important part of the experience for the children who, with time, come to recognise favourite elements within the lessons, thereby holding their attention and encouraging participation. For this reason I also mix familiar songs with new songs and provide a wide variety of visual, aural and tactile stimulation.

Social skills too can be developed through the classes with elements such as allowing the children to choose their instruments, toys, etc., returning to their places, or even simply sitting in a circle and joining in.

Fiddlesticks Music for under 5's

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